Consolidation Freight Forwarding Services
Consolidation is a cost-oriented method of shipping where individual LCL shipments from shippers are combined into full container shipment. 
Focus Shipping is a recognised industry specialist for consolidation for over 15 years. Being partnered with reputable regional container freight stations and shipping carriers, we provide cost-effective, organised and well-secured consolidation services from all major seaports in Vietnam and to all destinations worldwide. Our consolidation is weekly and for all types of consumer productcs, varying from a single ULD of Garment-on-Hanger to oversized furnutire pallets. We can tailor consolidation to suit your demand whether headload or topload is required. With our extensive overseas agent network, we can arrange goods to be delivered at consignee’s front door safe and sound, complete with all the necessary shipment documentation. 
Our consolidation team is committed and experienced to master the whole progress, from facilitating communication with LCL vendors to receiving goods and loading a cargo container effectively and efficiently that makes certain all items are in good shapes at the other end. Our consolidation operations team are well-known in the container freight station and warehouse community for ensuring speed, reliablility and full accountability. 
Our consolidation freight forwarding services feature:

Weekly consolidation from all Vietnam and Cambodia ocean ports

On-site and off-site consolidation

All equipments available 

All types of cargo: oversize, overweight, pallet, cartons and ULD



Reconciliation at the SKU level or relavantly


Door pick up and deliver

The following is Focus Shipping’s consolidation container freight stations::